True commitment through local content

Bronswerk Group roots can be traced to the shipbuilding program that resulted in the Canadian Patrol Frigates (CPF) in the 1980s. This commitment from the Canadian government to develop the local shipbuilding industry allowed Bronswerk to grow and become a major industry leader in Naval HVAC-R, CBRN, Radar Cooling and other specialized qualified equipment.

Leveraging the Canadian Experience

The CPF Program not only contributed to develop local content, it also allowed Bronswerk Group to advance its technology development, products and know-how, which contributed to differentiate the company from their global competitors. In the process, Canada has gained native capabilities, developed a support system and enjoyed a long lasting partnership with Bronswerk. This empowered Bronswerk to target and gain market share globally, becoming a premier HVAC-R partner to many Navies around the globe.
This successful model was also replicated in other territories. Government commitment to industry, transfer of technology and the development of native capabilities is a formula proven to work.

Expanding its Turkish Capabilities

In 2007, Bronswerk established a sales presence in Turkey to support new shipbuilding programs. In just 10 years, that presence grew into an independent knowledge center and manufacturing hub for Bronswerk, not only addressing their local Turkish market, but increasingly being used for exporting specialized HVAC-R products. The rapid industrial base development in Istanbul is supporting Bronswerk’s systems and product development, product qualification and mitigating many supply chain challenges faced by everyone these days. The local expertise has grown drastically over the last five years from 3 committed employees in 2007 to more than 50 team members today.

Replicated Successful Approach

Since then, Bronswerk replicated the same model and has established a presence in the USA in 2009, a market that is closely tied to the Canadian one. In 2019 Bronswerk applied the same model in Australia where sovereign capabilities, Australian content and transfer of technology are a must for their new shipbuilding programs. Bronswerk’s experience is also particularly interesting in the context of UK’s Refreshed National Shipbuilding Strategy and BREXIT, by being able to establish a local presence in support of the Navy and Partner shipyards, transfer successful technologies and to develop a local industrial base to support the through life of the HVAC-R onboard Navy

Bronswerk has been committed on different programs for the Royal British Navy over the years and is now planning, based on the latest industry’s commitment, to roll out its presence as it did in the past, with local content for local program with sovereign capability within a network of knowledge.