40 Years of Service to Canada

The story begins in Holland in 1947. The Dutch company, then called Bronswerk, was established to design, and build heating solutions for commerce and industry in the Netherlands later moving into the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration (HVAC-R).

In 1969, Bronswerk became StorkBronswerk following the acquisition of the company by a Dutch conglomerate – Stork BV.

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DEFSEC Atlantic, presented by the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defence Association, is a major networking opportunity for the Aerospace, Defence and Security industries – the second largest of its kind in Canada. Focused on showcasing Atlantic Canadian opportunities, the show’s worldwide reach creates partnership potential for all attendees. Incorporating elements of both a trade show and a defence procurement conference, it provides access to “the right people” in an engaging and professional setting. All attendees have opportunities, through our B2B/B2G program, social events, presentations & expert panel discussions and communications tools, to interact with all levels of defence, industry and government participants.


International Naval Defence & Maritime Exhibition & Conference. EURONAVAL is the international trade show applying high technology to naval defence and maritime security and safety


A Maritime Industry Tradition
Held every year in New Orleans, the show attracts 15,000 members of the commercial marine industry, who come together from around the world to network, learn, spot new industry trends, and uncover innovative products and solutions.

As attendees have been quoted saying, “everyone in the marine industry is here.” This includes the industry’s most innovative suppliers and vendors, who for three days transform the Morial Convention Center exhibition hall into a small city of diverse trade show booths, exhibits, and product demonstrations.

From exhibits to the Think Tank and even the unique night life of the Big Easy, it’s your annual chance to network, shop, connect, and get in the know among the best in the business. It’s a maritime industry tradition. And through good times and bad, this is the marine industry’s show.

True commitment through local content

Bronswerk Group roots can be traced to the shipbuilding program that resulted in the Canadian Patrol Frigates (CPF) in the 1980s. This commitment from the Canadian government to develop the local shipbuilding industry allowed Bronswerk to grow and become a major industry leader in Naval HVAC-R, CBRN, Radar Cooling and other specialized qualified equipment.

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Defence Global Through Life Cost

The total cost of HVAC systems onboard NAVY applications is not only limited to the purchasing cost of the equipment, the installation and the setup cost. The HVAC systems cost also includes the energy the systems consume overtime, the maintenance (both preventive and repairs) the spares, the consumables (refrigerant, oil, filters, gaskets, etc.), and the cost of disposal. Considering that the service life of HVAC systems and their equipment often extends past 30 years of service; it becomes clear that it is very important to optimize all activities throughout the system’s lifetime to minimize costs. 

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This Montreal-based company is leveraging its work on NSS to increase their export opportunities

Since its inception in Canada in 1982, BRONSWERK  Marine has come a long way, from working on the Canadian Patrol Frigates (CPF) program in the late 80’s, to establishing its latest international presence in Australia. BRONSWERK is a great example of a Canadian-based company seeking international opportunities, while leveraging its success with the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). BRONSWERK teamed up with Canadian shipyards to work on those programs and grew as a company with them, proving the intent of the National Shipbuilding Strategy – to develop Canadian expertise and to develop Canadian leadership in a world class industry. Montreal-based Bronswerk is now a global leader in marine Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R). 

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BRONSWERK Marine Success Through Innovation

BRONSWERK Marine has long been a major partner to the Royal Canadian Navy, starting with their work on the Canadian Patrol Frigate program back in the 1980’s. Since then, BRONSWERK has grown to become one of the major HVAC&R players on the world stage. 

Their success is driven by one objective to take full performance responsibility. BRONSWERK feels that if HVAC&R equipment bears the name, then it must work in harmony with the other components of the system. When BRONSWERK is contracted to install HVAC&R equipment on a new ship, they are making a 40-year commitment. Through their in-service-support (ISS) division, BRONSWERK still services some systems that are in use well beyond their original  intended lifespan. Providing excellence in their systems and equipment design not only serves the requirements of their customers but increases their ISS business. 

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